Where did I go?

I went on another 2 month hiatus. Sorry guys, let me fill you in.

Well, school was ending but before that came the dreaded AP exams. These aren’t fun, especially if you procrastinate (let’s just say I read one of my chem practice book the day before..) or get anxious. For those of you who don’t know AP or Advanced Placement classes are taken in high school so students can obtain college credits with a high score. it’s out of 5, with 4/5 giving credit. Teachers can see what you got as well. Going to a small school where you’ll likely see the teachers multiple times a day, that part isn’t too appealing. Well, I got my scores back the other day, and let’s just say all the blood, sweat, and tears paid off. So after the exams, I took a break from life, living it up – watching movies/tv of course (what did you think?). My class schedule consisted of movies like the Pursuit of Happiness, Sixth Sense, and A Beautiful Mind. Of course I had classes to still work in, *ahem physics* but I got through. Thank God.

Then came summer, and all those dreams I came into it with. I thought I was going to India, but nope. I thought I’d learn how to cook, but nope. You see, they just have all these new tv shows (Scream, Mr.Robot, Stitchers)  and I can’t resist. But I must say also that at the beginning I was also observing the month of Ramadan, a Muslim month, that really helped me spiritually. If there’s anything I learned, it’s that everyone has struggles, and acknowledging them won’t do much unless you’re willing to still be grateful and work toward solving them. Then came the festival of Eid. Now Eid is kind of like Muslim Christmas where we eat like royalty and give/receive gifts (or money 😎). I don’t know about other people, but Eid is one of those where NOTHING can phase me. I feel like the best version of myself– the happiest. Everyone wearing the best clothes, putting their worries behind for one day, it’s beautiful.

Now I’m going on a trip for like 3 weeks (but more on that later). I will surely blog about it, and afterwards I will be starting a new part to my blog – SENIOR YEAR. I don’t know how it’ll go, but my experience will be different than most because I’ve been going to my school for 13 years (yup, thirteen). I’ve already had some issues, but I’ll get through it I hope. I also hope to have a senior year bucket list. What should I include?

I missed all my fellow bloggers, so definitely feel free to comment below. Tell me how your summer has been or what I should look forward to for senior year 🙂

Can’t wait to here back. Until next time.

2 thoughts on “Where did I go?

  1. nurunnahar says:

    Aah, so are you from the U.S? I apologise if that seems like a stupid question as I’m not used to AP exams as I am from England. And procrastination is something I can relate to, goodness! Your blog is an instant follow and take your time to write, and it feels good to find fellow muslim sisters blogging as I couldn’t find any to follow when i first joined (about a week ago) and i felt alone. But yay! Can you please check some of my content out, it would be much appreciated as I am planning to be a fictional author (In Shaa Allah) – by the way love the name Mother of Peace in the Harry Potter font. I look forward to reading more posts, keep it up sister♥


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