Mama Mia! (sorry for the absence)

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but how can compact carbon bonds (I’m obviously a chem student) give you more happiness than live, oxygen-breathing people?

They simply can’t. A girl’s best friend is someone who has made a positive difference in her life. Some give you a good time, some help you dream bigger, and some are right there when you need them the most. For me, I have my share of great friends, but I can’t seem to find a better best friend than my mom.

She’s a role model, an inspiration, and a warrior. Sure we have our arguments, but I know she loves me and I love her. My mom has been through more than most people and has had to deal with things no woman should have to deal with. From being told her second daughter won’t be able to walk (fast forward to that daughter winning regional science fair) to being forced to cook for others when in her third trimester with my sister. Nobody sees her pain, but I do. She may not show it, but everyday I can see her hurting. The way she handles it is inspiring, with patience, with reason.

My mom is always there for me when I need her. I can go to her when I cry and rejoice with her when I’m happy. Sometimes I can be a pain, but as I get older I’m seeing that I never want to be the reason for her frown. My mom is empowering, and will choose her job of helping children daily over a 6 figure job because she cares about them and the world more than $. I can only hope to have the amount of wisdom she has now. She’s a trooper and I don’t know what I would do without her. She deserves the best in the world.

I love you mom, more than you’ll ever know.

–Your beloved daughter


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