Glued to the Screen

One of my most sterling accomplishments of 2014 was being able to keep up with at least 30, yes 30, different tv shows. (I mean while doing homework and chores, I’m basically superwoman).  I will give you a list of a few shows today with my favorite character/episode and a comment of some sort. Here goes:

  1. The Mindy Project: Yah this show was made for me. Mindy Lahiri is a phenomenal character and any episode with Tamra is probably going to be good. This week’s episode featured Tamra’s basketball team fiercely walk in while “All I Do Is win” played.
  2. Brooklyn Nine-Nine: My favorite character is definitely Captain Holt and Boyle, I mean they delivers the best lines so casually. Boyle: (sneaking up behind Capt. Holt and covering his eyes) Guess who?!
    Capt. Holt: (drawing his weapon) NYPD! Hands up! (Boyles screams)
  3. About A Boy: It’s cute. Will and Marcus may not be my favorite, but their relationship is adorable. My favorite character by far is Andy, he’s so underrated. Best moment: When Will sees Marcus’s importance
  4. NCIS: Los Angeles: For some reason, I’m not really fond of NCIS. This show is exactly what I needed, action, mystery, and relationships. Not just romantic ones, for example the friendship of Callen and Sam. My favorite character is definitely Deeks and I’m still rooting for Eric and Nell to finally happen.
  5. The Mentalist: Part of me wishes I had stopped watching it after the Red John reveal (what a letdown.. )
  6. Undateable: Okay when I discovered this show, I couldn’t stop laughing. I waited earnestly for each episode because their lame jokes and cheap humor made sense. There was something nice about each episode and my favorite character is definitely Justin (his singing is perfect).
  7. Modern Family: You can’t really find a better show then this. Each character has such a quirky personality that you’d wish they all had a tv show.

So that’s a lot for today. Comment below if you’ve watched any of these shows and want to talk about them.

Until next time.


11 thoughts on “Glued to the Screen

  1. adeleinglasses says:

    I love television shows, I’m guilty of running marathons of my favourites too, though I tend to stick to what I own on DVD/Blu-ray more often as I know that I will always find time to fit it in that way, plus I really do like to make sure that I watch *every* episode [insert nerd face aka my face].


    • Ummesalmah says:

      Oh god, missing an episode is like my pet peeve. I mean I’ve had the occasional spoiler spree, but especially with dramatic shows, miss one episode and you’re lost forever. I particularly like Hulu because I’m part of the small percentage of people who for some reason doesn’t have Netflix. Some day though. I’m a dreamer, what can I say.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Yinglan says:

    I discovered Undateable and The Fosters last summer and couldn’t stop watching it since then. Undateable is so funny and The Fosters is so “life” even though some of those things may never happen in real life.


    • Ummesalmah says:

      Undateable is so underrated, like I had to force my friends to watch it. It’s a breath of fresh air compared to all the drama on tv nowadays (ahem scandal). Can’t wait for season 2! True..The Fosters is beautiful, like I would be watching it and like tears in my eyes. Too many feels 🙂

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