Who am I? Why am I here?

Such a philosophical question can only be answered in the depths of night. However, I’m known to be a pretty deep person. I once turned the situation of eating an apple into a highly constructed metaphor for life (ask at your own risk, it’s complicated).

I’m a high school student who wants to voice my opinions in places bigger than my private school’s classrooms and dream bigger than I can ever perceive. I am really interested in oncology research, politics, and expressing myself, whether it be through my writing, my poetry, or my fashion. I believe that hope is an important part of life, and if I could help others gain it, I would feel fulfilled.

To be honest, I haven’t been blogging for too long, but once I started, I knew this is for me. I like hearing about others’ views and things they are passionate about. I want to hear about their take on current events, their stories, and their dreams.

I guess I’m big on dreams because that’s the only thing I have right now. And of course on tv, because I kept up with 40 tv shows last year (How I did that I’m not sure, but I’ll blog about the list soon). As I continue to write, I hope to write about things from college applications to fashion to life stories with a moral. I want people to see me as an empowered, young Muslim woman. I want to inspire others to speak up, loud and proud for who they are. I am inspired by many people, and after reading many blogs recently, I can say there are a lot of inspiring people I have yet to read about.

This blog will let me just be me. This will let the world see who I am. I can talk to whoever just wants to talk and answer any questions you have about me.

I guess in the end I’m just someone who wants to motivate others through hope, experiences, and randomness.

6 thoughts on “Who am I? Why am I here?

    • Ummesalmah says:

      Oh someone dared to ask! Of course I will say it. An apple is like our heart, red, living with air, crisp until it’s broken. When you cut an apple into pieces, those pieces start to release ethylene and make all the pieces rotten. In our lives, the negativity we release affects those around us. If we’re broken, those around us will help us, but will be negatively affected. The skin of the apple is the relationships we maintain. If it negatively affects the apple (which is you), you remove it. If it’s still good, you keep it. You do what you want with it, like how you control who you want in your life. See I told you it’d be deep!


      • delildel says:

        aw wow, it is deep, i like it. it really provides some perspective. we should take better care of our apples–er, ourselves (haha, I made a bad joke) 😛


  1. Imane says:

    Heyy ! I just saw your post very randomly and loved it!!! I am a bit like you, I’m a muslim full of dreams who loves to share, write and express myself! Also a huuuge fan of tv shows! Looking forward to read your list!!!


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