How to throw a small New Year’s Party

So my cousins like to all meet up on New Year’s Eve and have a potluck party featuring a piñata of some sort. We’re weird. I personally would have enjoyed a color theme (black and gold anyone?), but oh well. I’ll blog about my after thoughts, but this is my idea of a perfect, low key New Year’s party. If you want to go big then you need a theme, invitations, decorations, dress code, party venue, etc..I’ll talk about that in another post)

  1. Have a potluck. No seriously, not only do you get a variety  of food, but also everyone gets a chance to participate. At our party, there’s 11 people, so we have 3 main entrees (Chinese noodles, lasagna, manicotti), appetizers (8 layer dip), sweets (watergate salad, cake, cookies), and drinks (soda and punch).
  2. Have a set agenda with things to actually do. We have our piñata and games to play like Celebrity/Lunchbox . I attached the list I made to cut out for today’s game here: Celebrity Game. So how do you play? Fold the cards first and get into two teams. Round 1: You get a minute to go through as many celebrities/shows by giving clues and having your teammates guess. Keep count of how many both teams get right. After going through all of the cards (yes all), Round 2 comes. Here, you get a minute to give one word to describe the celebrity as your team guesses, so choose wisely. Then again, get through them all and then comes Round This time, you get a minute to act out as many celebrities as you can. This one can be difficult. One time I acted like I was ringing a bell for Kristin Bell..We also have headbands and taboo.
  3. Be creative with other activities. I have play dough at home so I decided to make a game where we will have partners and we will have to create something with our play dough (the host will say things such as cat or house while partner is in another room) and partners will have to guess. The duo to guess the most in 2 minutes wins.
  4. Start late, like 8 so you don’t feel bored and the guests will look forward to waiting for midnight. It is after all a pretty monumental moment of the year: the beginning of a new one and the end of an old one.
  5. Make sure to cater to everyone’s needs. At my party, we have people between the ages of 10 and 24, so everyone needs to somehow be entertained.
  6. Take pictures, you want to remember this as a good start to the year. You want to remember being surrounded by good people that love you for you.
  7. Be fancy, 2015 doesn’t start everyday. This is the day for you to wear that new dress or those new shoes. Show yourself off but remember, you don’t need to seek the approval of those around you because you only need your own. 🙂

This is my take on a great New Year’s party. If you have suggestions, comment below and I can try them today. hope your parties and your New Years Day goes well. My one wish would be for snow, let’s hope it happens.

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