Looking at Fear

As I sit on this couch, in this air conditioned room, in this spacious house, on a paved road, in a popular city, in a free country, I wonder.

I wonder about those who don’t have what I have. Sometimes, I complain to get things, and mind you, they are usually not essential. I complain for ice cream or for a tablet or for a phone. Other people complain for water, morsels to eat, and basic clothes. These people would think I live the life of luxury, while I think people like Bill Gates do. I sometimes feel poor when I see some of my friends’ houses or their cars. But reality is, I am rich. The ability to live in a house or to be able to practice my faith freely makes me richer than many.

We tend to not look at life like that. In ways that twist our point of view. We often see ourselves as the victims, but in reality, we have it easy. We don’t wake up with the fear of wondering if we will be kidnapped or killed. We don’t sleep with the fear of wondering if we will wake up. We don’t say our goodbyes to our family every night like it’s our last. We don’t fast everyday because it’s easier to do than eat meals. We don’t “diet” with the fear that losing weight can cause deaths. We don’t cry until our bodies lack water. We don’t get sick with the fear of knowing there are no cures. We don’t fear losing family members by the day. And we don’t live with the fear of exposing ourselves since we have no clothes.

They have all these hardships and yet they thrive. They should be our inspiration. They live in constant fear and still go day by day. There are no counselors or therapists, just families comforting one another. Praying it’ll be okay. You know what, one day, it really will. When? No one knows. Until then, all we can do is give our undying support.  Stand by them in their time of need and pray that they receive what they need. If we consider ourselves just, then we need to show this justice.

To be honest, these people inspire me. They may think I am rich, but truly, they are the ones who are. They have wisdom and rely on God to do what’s right. They don’t let the fears of the world stop them, a practice we should all adopt.



2 thoughts on “Looking at Fear

  1. ShahShankedRedemption says:

    You know, as a young lady, early in life, you’ve discovered a truth that takes people many years to learn. The secret to happiness is being grateful and living in contentment. Unhappy people are usually ungrateful people. Keep it up Umme Salmah, or should I say, young Umme Hekmat 😉


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