Oh how many times I’ve heard this word used to describe women like me. You see, I’m a Muslim woman and if I had a dime for every time I heard “All Muslim women are oppressed”, I’d be rich. There’s a problem with that though, it’s not true. I’m a Muslim women, and I’m not oppressed.
Don’t get me wrong, I know where the idea stems from. Many people think since we have to cover up, we are oppressed in expressing ourselves. Let me tell you something, all the Muslim women I know, cover what and as much as they want to based on what they want. Some wear the hijab (headscarf) and some don’t. Some wear an abayah (long dress) and some where pants. It doesn’t really matter. We’re just like everyone else. We make our own rules.
Especially in the Western countries, Muslim women run their lives as they wish. Other places, I wish the same could be said. There are cultural minorities everywhere that enforce very conservative views of covering the face or having their women not work. (That’s a rant waiting to come out.)
I would advise anyone reading to take things with a grain of salt. I’m not the mainstream example of a Muslim women, and so I want to educate you all of what it should be. Just because I cover doesn’t mean someone forced me.  Muslim women as a whole group aren’t all oppressed.  Don’t believe what you’ve heard until you meet a Muslim women.Trust me, they’re pretty cool. *hair flip*..or *hijab flip* 😉 (If you think I’m implying that I’m cool, then you’re right, because I am)
-Sincerely my deep soul

2 thoughts on “Oppression

  1. Mubeena says:

    ….Very true, I do agree with your above mentioned statement that “All woman are not forced to cover their face or wear hijab”. I myself wear “Abaya” but till today never forced by anyone of my family to wear so. But, as it is said: Not all the fingers are equal, all the story is not same one. There are some families in this country who forced their “females” to wear hijab but not all.
    Well, you highlighted good myth about Muslim woman.


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